Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process Web Developers and System Administrators use to tweak and enhance a website so that it can rank higher on a search engine's list. With any search engine, when typing in what you are searching for, the first results you see are websites the search engine deems most appropriate for you. If your website doesn't rank highly on search engine results, then you need to implement some SEO strategies.

Pure SEO is complex. Employing the skills of an SEO consultant is a wise choice to help your website rank well on Search Engines. At Jubec, we develop long term strategies for businesses that increases their exposure on the internet. However, as unusual as this sounds, an SEO subscription is not required for every business.

When is an SEO subscription not required?

SEO works by tailoring the content of your website so that it is recognised by search phrases people type into their search engines. An SEO expert will analyse your business. They will analyse your market, discovering what people type into their search engines to try and find products or services like yours. This analysis is necessary to determine what types of phrases are the most popular amongst people, and which key phrases should be utilised within your website to expose it to the largest audience possible.

Recently, we had a client come to us requesting SEO for their business, and after we performed an SEO analysis for them, we realised that there were very few people searching for their type of service. It also revealed there were very few businesses or services like theirs in the region, meaning they had almost full autonomy on the market. Importantly, it also meant their website would rank on page one of search engines quite easily, especially when the the necessary key words and key phrases were being used within their website. For this client, we recommended developing a Social Media marketing campaign instead.

What you can do yourself

There are various things every business with a website should undertake that will always enhance their website's credibility, as well as help their website and business rank higher on Search Engines:

And that's IT!

or is that meant to say 'And that's I.T.'? These are some simple things you can do that benefit the online credibility of your website on the internet! Naturally, Jubec Systems can offer great advice for your website and online presence.

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